Be memorable. Be lasting. Be yourself.

Genuine and engaging marketing expertise for real businesses and people.

DANGER Communications provides top-notch marketing & communications services to our chosen industries: small/medium enterprise, startups, public personalities, and non-profits. We can help you:

  • Strengthen your brand awareness

  • Improve your website and digital channels

  • Pinpoint holes in your sales funnel

  • Enrich your content (written, visual, or multimedia)

  • Provide your team with a strategy plan

  • Provide you with market experts when you need them (short or long term)


Humble. Nimble. And clever as a fox. 

DANGER Communications specializes in small- to medium-sized companies and organizations. We evaluate your product, packaging, advertising, promotions, pricing, and placement in the competitive market to make you stand out.

We run lean.

We believe that no two projects are the same; so we work with a network of contract professionals instead of maintaining a costly in-house team. This allows us to assemble the best pro’s for the job you need done, and make changes if there’s any problems with fit.

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fox web.png

Why a fox?

DANGER's logo is a fox. Foxes have been a major character in mythology and storytelling for generations. Crafty, wily, and known for their ability to blend naturally into any situation, the fox is revered for its wit and intelligence. The DANGER fox is portrayed mid-leap as it dives onto its prey--just like us, the fox is poised for action.