DANGER Communications is a one-stop boutique shop for all your marketing and communications needs. We specialize in public outreach and marketing for businesses and non-profits, with a focus on genuinely engaging your audience. Social media, one-off events/stunts, and network building are our wheelhouse.

We also create clever strategic marketing guides for businesses who have the resources and who wish to lead their own outreach projects. For all our clients, we offer a ‘Creative Concierge’ service, where we hire and manage your digital creatives: web designers, graphic designers, branding specialists, and copywriters.

DANGER offers individualized training for business owners and staff in the implementation of new media, public relations, and content management. We are huge supporters of local and independent business, and strive to employ local talent and companies as our partners and subcontractors.

DANGER also has an exclusive program for small businesses: we will work with a collective of four or more small business owners to create a collaborative marketing program. This allows businesses with small budgets a way to take advantage of our professional expertise at a level they can afford.


The true goal of DANGER Communications is to provide a marketing firm where our powers are used for good instead of evil. By supporting food security, local commerce, independent producers, and viable non-profits, we hope to make the world a better place through one of the last professions you’d ever picture doing so: marketing and promotions.


DANGER's logo is a fox. Foxes have been a major character in mythology and storytelling for generations. Crafty, wily, and known for their ability to blend naturally into any situation, the fox is revered for its wit and intelligence. The DANGER fox is portrayed mid-leap as it dives onto its prey--just like us, the fox is poised for action.

 Jordan Danger, CEO of DANGER Communications

Jordan Danger, CEO of DANGER Communications