We're all about YOU.

DANGER Communications is a one-stop boutique shop for your marketing and communications needs. We spend 100% of our time working with startups, small-medium sized businesses, and public personalities--we understand your world, your budget, your problems. 

Why hire DANGER?

At various times, your brand could utilizing the services of a half-dozen creatives: graphic designers, brand managers, PR professionals, website developers, bloggers, influencers, ad men...the list goes on. We help your company make real impact in an efficient timeframe by:

  • developing the strategy, roadmap, and timeline for your goals;
  • becoming the 'coach' who coordinates the creatives on your project;
  • hiring (and firing) creatives to best meet your needs;
  • managing your project from start to finish, including measurements of success.

The true goal of DANGER Communications is to provide a marketing firm where our powers are used for good instead of evil. We prioritize work with independent businesses and non-profits because those are the organizations that need the best marketing to stay competitive.

Why a fox?

DANGER's logo is a fox. Foxes have been a major character in mythology and storytelling for generations. Crafty, wily, and known for their ability to blend naturally into any situation, the fox is revered for its wit and intelligence. The DANGER fox is portrayed mid-leap as it dives onto its prey--just like us, the fox is poised for action.

About our Creative Director

Jordan Danger

Jordan Danger

Jordan Danger Kent spent the first 10 years of her career in the non-profit sector, working in outreach, program development, and fundraising for notable non-profits like CHEO, YSB, and Pink Triangle Services. In the non-profit field, Jordan received award nominations and professional accolade for her work in non-profit ‘startup’ organizations: working with grassroots organizations like Child & Youth Friendly Ottawa and the CHEO YouthNet program. Her specialty was identifying target markets, developing relevant products and services for the markets, and creating grassroots marketing campaigns.

At age 22, she put herself through her first round of college, achieving an SSW diploma with honors. She later returned to Algonquin to complete a Social Media Certificate program with honors.

In 2010 Jordan masterminded a digital community building project called Project: Priceless, with the goal of creating a 150-person wedding as free-of-charge as possible through barter and trade. The project went viral and was covered in international media, culminating in a 150-person wedding valued at approx $40,000; the total cost for the bride and groom was about $200. This project spurred her career move into the commercial marketing world.

She has been twice invited to read her blog work at Blog Out Loud Ottawa, with the last time occurring as part of the Ottawa Writer’s Festival. Her blogs have been shortlisted for various awards.

In 2011 Jordan was headhunted to join UsedEverywhere.com, a startup digital selling platform, as their Ottawa marketing manager. During her time there, she provided invaluable research and insight into the consumer drive and demographics, which helped shape the planning and pivoting of the startup.

In 2012 and 2013 Jordan sat on the planning committee for Social Capital, Ottawa’s premier social and digital media conference. She has presented on innumerable topics at conferences and symposiums across the country.

In 2013 she was contracted as the Social Media Specialist for a Hollywood film titled “Muffintop”; she ran the social media for their Kickstarter and raised approx. $100k so the movie could launch independently. This startup project illustrates the new power of the digital community and how any startup can quickly become a technologically-based company. The vast majority of Muffintop’s product was sold via digital channels such as Netflix.

Jordan Danger: recipient, 2017

Jordan Danger: recipient, 2017

For the last 8 years, Jordan has worked as a marketing and communications consultant, strategist, and ‘gun for hire’ with well over 100 startup companies ranging from apps to products and storefronts. She branded herself and her team in 2012 as Danger Communications; it is for Danger Communications’ work that she recently received an Ottawa Forty Under 40 award.

Jordan spent 2 years working as PR, Communications, and Marketing manager for City Council’s Peter Hume and his Ottawa Planning Committee. Her campaigns at the City level were infamous for causing ‘traffic jams’ of residents who were scrambling to participate in the activities or Calls to Action.

In 2016 she joined the Invest Ottawa team as the Marketing Advisor for SME’s and startups. She then took on a larger role as the Communications and UX Manager for the Early Stage Programs before leaving to spend more time working directly with Small-Medium Enterprise and startups. She also works as a curriculum developer and part time prof at Algonquin College in the School of Media & Design, teaching and writing courses about Digital Community, Digital Content, Marketing, and Business Presentations—with a major focus on pitch presentations.

Jordan is also a freelance journalist and blogger, contributing to most of our major local publications as well as blogs on a larger global scale.


Throughout her entire career Jordan has also established herself as a commercial artist, selling works to organizations such as the Ottawa Police for hate crimes campaigns; Youth Services Bureau for campaigns as well as placement at corporate offices; and most recently, she has become a popular ceramic sculptor in the Ottawa area.

Most recently, Jordan was named one of Ottawa’s Forty Under 40 for 2017.