Congrats to Aziz & Company, our little client that could!

October marked 50 years in business for Aziz & Company, Ottawa's India Bazaar Boutique. We were enlisted by the current family guardian of the shop, Sheena Zain, to help refresh the brand and get the store ready for its next decade.

We began the process by assisting Aziz in developing their new tagline: "Your India Bazaar Boutique". For all these years, Aziz has been selling home decor, clothing, yoga wear, and linens from India and its neighbours. Many Ottawans know this, but many more may have walked by the shop without ever really venturing in. Aziz's old sign and branding didn't really convey just how awesome this little store is. The new tagline helps to draw in people who didn't already know about this hidden gem.

Next, we set Aziz up with one of our favourite local graphic designers, Jessica Rousseau of Jessica Rousseau Design. Aziz had plans to makeover the outside facade of the store, but they lacked the graphic talent to make it sing. Jessica stepped in here and helped us to develop a new logo and branding package, then took that work to the next level: she designed all the beautiful artwork that you can now see adorning the front of the building. The execution of the signs was done by a local signmaker and now the shop is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside!

Lastly, we assisted Aziz & Co in making a big deal out of their birthday month. Various promotions were developed, and then a major birthday party was put together. We guided Aziz in organizing entertainment, food, and VIP guests for the big day, and the sign was also unveiled at the party. Local political celebrities Diane Holmes (City Councillor) and Yasir Naqvi (MPP) attended, as well as local author Jasmine Aziz ('Sex & Samosas'), a dance troupe called Bollywood for Fun, and a yoga instructor from Rama Lotus who did a routine in the window.

The entire month of makeovers and outreach was a huge success, with the added surprise that the senior Mrs Aziz was awarded with both municipal and provincial letters of commendation for her fifty years of entrepreneurship. 

We look forward to working with Aziz & Company in the coming months as they continue to revitalize their store and invite new customers to meet them and fall in love with India.