And We're Live!

A Message From Jordan Danger, CEO of DANGER Communications

It's an exciting day here at DANGER! Today we launch our new website and are officially open for business. It's been a whirlwind adventure, developing this boutique marketing firm and taking our experience and services to the next level. We're so energized and ready for new challenges!

DANGER was developed to offer a place where businesses and non-profits could get genuine, creative marketing. Our motto is, "Your marketing should tell a story", and we want to be the one who helps you tell yours. We can't wait to hear all about your organization and begin the process of thinking up engaging new ways to share it with the world.

I was a reluctant marketer, myself. After spending ten years in the non-profit field where I spent my time developing new programs and outreaching (aka 'marketing') to some really hard-to-reach audiences, I took the plunge into working with for-profit businesses five years ago. I took a slow-growth approach to building my brand, because I always wanted to use my powers for good instead of evil. That's why DANGER will be focused on marketing and promoting organizations that portray good values: things like sustainability, local commerce, handmade goods, food security, small production, health and wellness, and independent business. I hope that DANGER will be a place where marketers love to work because they, like me, didn't want to sell just anything. They, like me, may believe that marketing can make the world a better place if we use it to do good.

I hope we'll hear from you soon! We've got so many great services available for businesses and non-profits of all sizes. Send us a message and we'll develop a custom-fitted package that suits your goals and resources.

From one independent business owner to another, I send you a virtual high-five and I say, let's get your story out there.