Turns Out, Success and Talent Aren't the Same.

by Jordan Danger


I'm teaching a new cohort of freshmen at Algonquin right now in the Interactive Media and Design program. Meeting a new batch of students always gets me thinking about people's futures, and how people attain 'success'.

Over the years I have watched friends, peers, and students who had incredible talent, but somehow didn't cross their respective finish lines. And I've seen people who were only moderately skilled in their fields who ended up in leadership roles or receiving kudos and recognition for their successes.

What I’ve come to observe is that, in the long run, success is an endurance race. It doesn’t matter how talented you are if you drop out halfway through the game. You quite literally don’t have to be the most promising student, the smartest kid, or the highest-performing worker; you really just need to show up every day without fail. Consistency; endurance; staying power; these are the qualities that build a strong career arc--far more than simple raw talent.