Creative, clever, and quick as a fox, DANGER Communications is here to help your business or organization succeed by finding and telling your story.

DANGER Communications is a full-service boutique communications agency, serving our clients in the digital and social media environments as well as traditional media relations and marketing.
Our most popular services are...
  • Creative content
  • PR & media support
  • Strategy & branding
  • Digital design
  • Outreach
  • Marketing 
  • Social Media
  • Training

More about us

DANGER Communications is all about combining old school with new school techniques to get your business noticed. We focus on independent businesses and public personalities, and we love it. Our expert team is homegrown, innovative, and creative. Combining digital outreach with traditional media and face-to-face public relations means we can spread your message in ways that are genuine, clever, and engaging.


How do we offer such a wide diversity of services to our clients? We carefully source out some of the best talent in town, and call on their mad skills to meet your needs. We work with a 'small batch' concept: there's no generic strategy here. Each client gets a tailored solution for their communication challenges. We believe outstanding marketing, outreach, public relations, and digital media should be available to every businesslarge or small.

Danger notes

From time to time, we get struck with a new idea or have something to reflect on, and we share these on our 'notes' page. Even more fun is when we have permission from clients to share some of their success stories. 

Check out the Danger Notes page to see what we're up to, what we're thinking, and what we're creating.