Creative, clever, and quick as a fox, DANGER Communications is here to help you succeed by finding and telling your story.

DANGER Communications is a full-service boutique communications agency, serving our clients in the digital and social media environments as well as traditional media relations and marketing. 
Our most popular services are...

  • Creative content strategy and creation

  • Branding & Marketing strategy

  • PR & media support 

  • Digital design coordination

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More about us

DANGER Communications specializes in small- to medium-sized companies and organizations. We evaluate your product, packaging, advertising, promotions, pricing, and placement in the competitive market to make you stand out.


Tell us your pain points, and we'll find a solution. Because we specialize in small and medium-sized enterprise, we work with a handpicked network of specialists to meet any need, so we're able to operate outside of our in-house talent base.

Danger notes

From time to time, we get struck with a new idea or have something to reflect on, and we share these on our 'notes' page. Check out the Danger Notes page to see what we're up to, what we're thinking, and what we're creating.