DANGER is about real world projects and business needs.


What do you need right now?

You need a better web presence.

Your website is where serious customers go. It's time to be serious about it.

When you're ready to build (or rebuild) your website or website content, come see us. We can:

  • Hire designers, writers, photographers
  • Coordinate and direct the creation process
  • Evaluate and update your existing site

You need killer content.

Without good content, your digital presence is pointless.

Whether you need fresh prose for your website and blog, or even sales content for your next tradeshow brochure, get in touch. We can:

  • Create written, video, or audio material for digital channels.
  • Draft and/or create promotional copywriting or commercial scripts.
  • Create PR materials, press kits, and media releases.

You need to be world-famous.

Your brand is much more than a logo.

It's time to incite consumer desire. We want you to be famous for your reputation, your culture, your service, your product, and your look-and-feel...and okay, yeah: your logo, too. When you're ready to talk branding, we can:

  • Develop a visual brand guide for your logo, pantones, and graphic assets.
  • Develop a company style guide for your language, writing style, customer service approach, and content standardization.
  • Develop a clear and incredibly in-depth customer profile guide to ensure you're fully versed on the psychosocial lifestyle of your target market.

You need sales to soar.

You're ready to sell, so where are the sales?

Sometimes it's a bum target market profile. Sometimes it's a poor pricepoint. Sometimes it's a lack of competitor intel. Whatever is holding you back, we can:

  • Evaluate your current sales, assets, client experience, and user interface (UX/UI)
  • Recommend updates and changes to your sales funnel
  • Develop materials or processes to fix what's broken

You need a pro.

You're wise enough to know when an expert is called for.

There's times when a specialist is all you need. An occasional consult, or a long-term retainer; it all depends on your needs. Once you show us your pain point, we can:

  • Provide or arrange expert consultation (one-time, or a series of visits) in many marketing fields
  • Provide services on a long-term basis through an economical retainer (flat rate) package
  • Provide or arrange a temporary 'gun for hire': a marketing expert that will come in-house for the length of a project

You need a strategy plan.

You've got the resources, you just need a playbook.

Sometimes a business hits a new challenge that's a little bigger than their own marketing team is ready for. Often, we can teach your own man to fish rather than fishing for him. We can:

  • Prepare a strategic plan for your big-picture goals (brand awareness, expansion, reputation management)
  • Create a strategy and execution plan for specific projects or campaigns
  • Provide strategic plans and guidance through PR crises or other risk management issues