DANGER is your boutique marketing and communications shop.

We offer carefully crafted and hand-selected communications, marketing, and outreach services. Every client’s needs are different so we strive to offer a wide range of options that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Packages and pricing are custom-tailored to your needs, with services and monthly packages geared to your budget. If you'd like an estimate, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll set you up for success. 

Retainer packages

These are our most popular products. They provide any business or organization with peace of mind: we're always there, always in your corner.

'Jack of all trades' retainer packages

Keep us on monthly or yearly contract for all your marketing, communications, and PR needs each month. Save your time, money, and sanity! If you're not in a position to have your own super-expert marketing/communications staff, this is a great way to bridge the gap. We can also work with your existing staff to get them on board.

Marketing Evaluation and Strategy

We get a lot of businesses calling us when they just can't figure out what's going wrong. If you're certain you've got a good team and good business, but the customers just aren't biting, consider having us in for a marketing evaluation talk.

How the evaluation works:

Introduce us to your organization, and we'll evaluate all your marketing basics: your product, your competitors, your placement in the marketplace, and your packaging. We'll even examine your pricing strategies and the efficacy of your promotions. A thorough evaluation of your target market usually gets the ball rolling. We'll provide you with a list of pain points and ideas on how to fix 'em. You can take it from there, or hire us on retainer to see you through the changes.

Branding services

Branding is our FAVOURITE. We can help you with brand and product naming, logo and visual guides, messaging and language, and other audio-visual collateral. If you're just starting to brand or you're looking to revamp, give us a shout. We DARE you. Bring it on.


Branding, website, and social channel development

Branding is more than just a logo. We can set you up with a great brand guide, website, and even pretty social media profiles. 

Digital creatives concierge service

Trying to hire, instruct, and manage your digital creatives can be costly and difficult. We operate as the quarterback: you tell us what you need and we pull the team together to do it. 

Public Relations services

Traditional media relations and public relations services

Dealing with media is safer and easier when you've got help from the pro's. We can design your press kits, media releases, and even coach you for live interviews. Tell us what you're facing and we'll tell you how we can help.

Digital communication is all the rage, but it's not the answer to everything. We believe that magic is made when online strategies are combined with stellar public relations and face-to-face ground-level promotions.

We’re also proudly partnered with Translucid Communications, giving us access to thirty years of communications experience. Old dogs and new dogs working together.